C ontract Area South East Madura Block awarded to PT.Energi Mineral Langgeng on May 05, 2009 Production Sharing Contract between BPMIGAS initial stage in Exploration phase entity. The size of the block is 4,567.34 sq km. Consist of.

  • Area I (Northen Part): 1,872.45 Sq km
  • Area II (Northen Part): 2,694.89 Sq km

The Operation area is onshore and offshore, in the Northeast Java Basin lies on the South Madura Island, North-eastern part of Java Island. Which well known as one of the major hydrocarbon potential basin in Indonesia.The Exploration success ratio of the previous operators in this region is quite high that is about 40% making this venture is very attractive, all factors of the petroleum system exist and the infrastructures are nearby such as gas pipeline that run in the middle of the block

In The South East Madura Block, source rock was believed to be Middle Eocene – Late Eocene of the Ngimbang Fm

The Reservoir in the South East Madura Block are Eocene Ngimbang Sandstone, Oligocene-Miocene Kujung, Late Miocene Tuban Sandstone & Carbonate and Pliocene Paciran Carbonate

The seals in the South East Madura Block are Lower Miocene Shale Tuban and Plio – Pleistocene Shale Pamekasan (Top seal) and intraformational seal of Oligocene Shale Kujung

The Main Traps in the South East Madura Block are faulted anticline, and stratigraphic reef build up.


semadura_-300x1861Around the Madura Strait has proven to be quite economical producer of hydrocarbons, some of oil and gas fields around South East Madura Block provide enough information about the existence of hydrocarbons in surrounding areas.

Oyong field and Maleo field (Santos) is located in the south area has been shown to result in the production of gas from Globigerina Limestone Reservoir layer as shallow prospect, as well as on the Terang field and Sirasun field (Kangean Energi) is found proved quite economical gas of the Globigerina Limestone layer.map-sumenep-300x172

Sepanjang and Kangean field (Kangean Energi) which is adjacent to the east side provide information on the presence of hydrocarbon reservoir sandstone Ngimbang formation, as well as around the west side of the Madura island have been found in the Oil and Gas in Kertageneh old field that drain oil and gas until now.

From the above information is expected to be developed and detected various of reservoir in research area, which consists of a layer of Globigerina Limestone as Shallow prospects and Sandstone layer and Limestone from Ngimbang Formation and Kujung Formation, as well as having a good quality cover as structural or stratigrafic (buildup).

The depth of this objective will be developed around the depth was estimated to be 600 – 2000 meters for shallow targets Globigerina Limestone and approximately 3000 – 4000 meters to the target in Sandstone and Limestone Ngimbang Formation and Kujung Formation.

Temporary calculation based on the results of the study 2014 has been done that in South East Madura block there are around 30 prospects and leads with oil content of 956 MMBO and 1.5 TCF gas content.